Gourmet Shop
Gourmet Shop

In our Gourmet shop, located in the cafeteria area, you can find the best selection of Salamanca products, CyG sausages, cheeses, sweets and wines of the best quality so you can take a piece of our land to your home.

Enjoy our special discount for hosted customers.

•    Iberian ham CyG Selection.
•    Iberian palette CyG Selection.
•    Iberian acorn loin CyG.
•    Iberian chorizo or natural acorn sausage.
•    Cheese Matured or semi-cured sheep arribes.
•    Goat cheese with paprika, thyme or Shyrac wine.
•    Wine D.O. Arribes.
•    Vino D.O.P. Sierra de Salamanca.
•    Donuts and doggies from Salamanca.

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