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Hotel Mozárbez Salamanca

Hotel Mozárbez Salamanca is located in Mozárbez, in the province of Salamanca. Castile and León is a region full of beauty, its landscapes and cities will not leave you indifferent.

In addition, we recommend trying the local and traditional gastronomy, which will make your trip to be memorable.


The city is higher than 870 meters above the sea level, offering cold winters and fresh nights in summer. The gastronomy is one of its main attractive, along with the nature surrounding the city. It offers the possibility to do walking, cycling or riding routes.

The parish church of Mozárbez is a historic heritage building that you should visit.


The city was recognized as World Heritage by Unesco in 1988. Walking through the stoned streets of the historical centre offers architectural wonders as the Cathedral of Salamanca; a treasure with nine centuries of history whose 110 m high bell tower is one of the highest in the country.

On the other hand, the famous University of Salamanca, offers a young environment to the city. It was the first European educative institution to receive the title of University and it has one of the biggest university libraries in Spain.


The cuisine of Salamanca joins the kitchen Extremaduran, Leonese, and Castilian. The food is essentially based on meet, like farinatos (cold meat elaborated with pig butter, bread crumbs, paprika, onion, salt and anise grains) that usually goes with fried or scrambled eggs. In some municipalities the toston and the cochinillo asado are highlighted.

The hornazos are pies filled up with chopped chorizo, hard-boiled egg and pig loin. The hornazo de Cepeda is covered with sugar.

The calderillo is a typical stew with beef and potatoes, seasoned with red pepper, onion and bay.